Enmore Man on Holiday Fantasises About Doing “All Manner of Crazy Stuff” While Fitbit Charges

Enmore resident Derek Ford, on holiday in Narooma, is positively paralysed with the possibilities of what he can get up to while his Fitbit is charging in his bedroom.

High off a trip to Melbourne to see the Australian Cricket Team absolutely smash England in The Ashes, Ford hadn’t charged his health tracker in days, leaving it teetering on five per cent.

“At first I was worried that any physical activity wouldn’t be real while I wasn’t wearing my Fitbit. And I definitely didn’t want to start doing something and have it conk out mid-exertion.

But as he sat motionless Ford had a change of heart. He suddenly felt liberated without the tracker shackled to his wrist.

“I’m off the grid! I’m emancipated! I can go anywhere I want, do all manner of crazy stuff and there’s nothing looking over my shoulder. I might go raise my heart rate into the fat-burning range consistently for over 30 minutes by going for a brisk walk to the bottlo. That’s an easy 7,000 steps. Or there’s a very hilly road that runs past the house, and I shudder to think how many floors that would be if I tackled it. Hell, I could even go for a kayak in Wagonga Inlet. The possibilities are endless.”

Ford was last seen taking the car to the shops as it was starting to look a little dodgy outside.

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