Girlfriend Rejects Challenge to Learn About Turkish Femicide

Girlfriend Rejects Challenge to Learn About Turkish Femicide

Richmond – Andrew McLennan was shocked today to learn that his girlfriend had no interest in learning about the hashtag that had inspired her latest selfie.


McLennan, 27, had been browsing The Guardian during some down time at his job at Mitre 10 when his attention was drawn to an article which explained that the popular #challengeaccepted hashtag, which sees women post black & white selfies in the name of female empowerment, actually originated as a way of honouring victims of Turkey’s growing femicide epidemic.


Speaking to The Dwarf, McLennan said “Yeah look, when Annalise first posted the selfie, I just kept my thoughts to myself, and hit the like button.”


“But today I read this article, and I just thought that she would want to know that the hashtag originated with pictures of murdered Turkish women.”

“As it turns out, she didn’t.”

When asked for comment, McLennan’s girlfriend (at press time) said “He just has to take the fun out of everything.”

“I was feeling really good about all the likes on my photo, but now I’m just angry at him.”

McLennan later confirmed that his girlfriend hadn’t taken the photo down, but had sent him a link to Ellen interviewing Gwyneth Paltrow about ‘respect in relationships’.

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