Man Not Participating In #MeAt20 Must’ve Been Even Uglier Then

Chipping Norton – Friends of local electrician Jacob Lennon have concluded that his reluctance to participate in the #MeAt20 challenge means that he was even uglier twenty-seven years ago.

As the nation continues to search for new ways to cope with isolation, the latest trend, #MeAt20, has seen citizens uploading pictures of themselves from their youth, as they reminisce about a time when they were younger, fitter and happier.

Despite being tagged in three separate Facebook posts, Lennon has yet to upload a picture of himself at 20, leading to speculation among acquaintances. Speaking to The Dwarf, colleague Jacinta Tyler said “Look, he’s no oil painting right now, but surely he can’t have been worse when he was at Uni. You’d think he’d jump at the chance to show everyone a more attractive version of himself.”

Fellow alumni Rose Parker was not able to shed any light on the situation when approached by The Dwarf, saying “I went to Uni with him? Really? Don’t remember him at all.”

When asked for comment, Lennon said “Mate I just can’t be arsed. Every day someone’s tagging me in something. What’s your favourite album, who’s your favourite footballer. I’ve had a gutful.”

At press time, Lennon was seen opening a new incognito window in his browser.

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