Peter Green Fan Sick of Hearing Go Your Own Way on Pub Jukeboxes

Marrickville – Local contrarian Loudon Buckley is already longing for the days of complete lockdown, having heard too many non-Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac songs since returning to pubs.


Speaking to The Dwarf from The Vic on the Park, the unemployed former guitar technician expressed his disappointment at the jukebox selection, saying “Weeks of lockdown made me forget how often you hear the lame Fleetwood Mac songs in pubs. It seems like every time I go out, I hear Little Lies, Go Your Own Way or Rhiannon.”


“You even hear Stevie Nicks’ solo stuff. I bet someone is gonna put Edge of Seventeen on soon. Meanwhile I can’t even find The Green Manalishi on there!”


When asked for comment, Buckley’s ex-girlfriend Melissa Parks confirmed that his obsession with Peter Green had been one of many reasons for dumping him.


“I just got so sick of him ruining some of my favourite songs, like Gypsy and Landslide, by droning on about how they sold out once Peter Green left. Even if he didn’t say anything, I knew he was thinking it.”


“He’s like that with everything. When we watched The Hunger Games he kept talking over it, saying how much better the Japanese original was.”


Buckley later stormed out of the pub after another punter put on Big Love, only to turn on the TV at home and find Go Your Own Way playing on an Isuzu ad.


Breaking down in tears, Buckley whispered “how I wish I was in love” to himself before returning to watch Beat the Internet on Viceland. He later admitted that the guitar bit on The Chain was “pretty sweet”.

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