Squatter Possum Proud Owner of Strathfield Garage After Making Significant Improvements

In a landmark High Court ruling today, Guinevere D’Possum, a single mother living in the garage of a Strathfield property, is now the proud owner of the former car space.

The unanimous ruling took into account a range of issues, including the state the garage was in when D’Possum first moved in and the extent to which both she and her young son had improved the property. These significant improvements, over a span of more than 12 years, proved critical to the court’s decision.

Speaking to The Dwarf, D’Possum’s lawyer and interpreter Doug Donaldson shed some light on his client’s fight for justice and a place to truly call her own. “When Ms D’Possum first happened upon the property it was in a state of utter disarray and decay, but she really had no other place to go.”

Donaldson detailed the dissolution of D’Possum’s marriage and her journey bouncing between friend’s apartments and various share houses, “It was the lowest point in her life.”

Through her interpreter, Ms D’Possum told of the breaking point that led to her seeking her own home. “It was my friend’s ridiculous decision to binge-watch Entourage. I was quite simply stunned friends I both loved and respected would make such a poor choice. Have you seen it? It’s one of the shallowest, most vacuous series ever created for the small screen. Eight seasons and a movie? Are you serious? I knew I had to get out of there, especially with a young impressionable son. I don’t need Max growing up thinking that’s what passes as even average entertainment.”

D’Possum was last seen introducing her son Max to The Sopranos in the newly renovated cinema-style entertainment room in the east wing of her manor.

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