Vietnamese Bakery Stunned by Customer's Request for Something other than Pork Roll

Marrickville – The Inner West was rocked today by an unforeseen spectacle, as an out of towner waltzed into Marrickville Pork Roll and ordered an item that wasn’t a pork roll. Strolling into the iconic establishment, Manly resident James Rhys-Smythe, who was in town to look at a property to purchase and then put on AirBnB, spent an unusual amount of time perusing the menu board. Surveying his options, Rhys-Smythe remained blissfully unaware of the restless queue forming behind him. He eventually ventured to the counter to utter a phrase never before heard in these parts. ‘Hey! Can I have a tuna roll please? Thanks!’, the Scots College alumni exclaimed. Shocked by the unexpected request, proprietor Da Phúc recoiled backwards, before frantically ordering his nephew to run to the supermarket to pick up some tuna, during which time he fulfilled the other customers’ requests for the traditional pork roll with chilli. Local tradie Shaun Carter, who witnessed the farce unfold while on his smoko, later told The Dwarf, ‘. Who orders anything other than a pork roll from a Vietnamese bakery? What a clown. ’ Sources reported that Da Phúc was eventually able to rustle up some sort of tuna roll, but it evidently did not live up to the visitor’s expectations. ‘Yeah, it was ok, nothing special,’ said Rhys-Smythe. ‘I’m not sure what all the fuss is about with this joint, to be honest. Give me any of Vaucluse’s fine artisanal French bakeries any day.’

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