Virtual Trivia Host On Notice After First Session

Virtual Trivia Host On Notice After First Session

Randwick – Local Zoom trivia host Anthony Parker’s new career is in danger of coming to a swift end due to his questions being “fuckin bullshit”.


         With social circles around the country turning to video conferencing to get their weekly trivia fix, the highly specialised role of quizmaster has fallen into the hands of unqualified mates, with some handling the responsibility better than others.


         Zoe Goodman, a regular trivia participant, told The Dwarf, “Any decent quizmaster knows the questions should be evenly spread over a variety of genres. More than half of these were about sports or James Bond.”


         Adam Anderson was also not impressed, adding “All the questions were clearly based on whatever YouTube docos he’s been watching in iso. No-one knows what the Romanian flag looks like mate.”


         When informed about his potential dismissal, Parker told reporters “Look, I was just trying to shake it up a bit. I make no apologies for that. I think the fact that Usain Bolt doesn’t take a single breath during a race is really interesting.”


At press time, Parker was found asleep on the couch while a YouTube playlist of old QI episodes autoplayed in front of him.

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