Woman Racking Up Likes on Post Recommending The Social Dilemma

Woman Racking Up Likes on Post Recommending The Social Dilemma

Clovelly – Local aromatherapist Sandy Lyle has described Netflix’s trending documentary The Social Dilemma as a ‘must watch’, confirming that posting about it had resulted in unprecedented engagement on all her socials.


         Speaking to The Dwarf, Lyle said “Yeah look, to be honest, I just wanted to watch something light last night, but people keep banging on about this, and it was the first thing that popped up on Netflix, so I gave it a go.”


         “I was blown away. The whole time, I was thinking ‘wow, I can’t wait to post about this’. I actually did a little Insta story of me watching it during one of the boring bits when an Indian guy was talking about something. People loved it! One of my girlfriends even said ‘OMG, watching this too!’”


         Lyle then confirmed that as soon as the credits started rolling, she published a Facebook post she’d been constructing while watching the film.


         “It was basically just a little thing saying that people should watch this doco, and think about how we’re being manipulated. I think that’s what it was about? Anyway, I haven’t had so many likes since I re-shared my photo album of my Bali ’18 trip!”


         “It was pretty late and I knew I had to be up in six hours, but it just felt so fucking good to see all those notifications on my screen! Although I noticed that my ex, Harry, hasn’t liked it yet, even though he was online 15 minutes ago.”


         “I’m sure he’ll like it soon. He probably hasn’t seen it yet. I wonder if he’s met someone else?”


         Sources later confirmed that Lyle had spent her morning commute alternating between scrolling through her notifications and staring out of the window of the 317 bus, shrouded in the despair brought on by the inescapable pointlessness of existence.


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