Angus Young Unable To Name His Favourite LNP Member

Legendary AC/DC guitarist Angus Young shocked the nation today, admitting on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast that he could not name his favourite member of the Liberal National Party.

With the election a little more than two weeks away, a weary-eyed Young fronted up for an interview with political correspondent Eddie McGuire. After some small-talk, McGuire decided to subject his guest to the traditional pre-election ‘pub test’, by asking him to name his favourite Coalition member.

“Yeah, look mate, I’m afraid I haven’t a clue,” Young stuttered, stunning listeners.

“In my defence mate, I’ve had about an hour-and-a-half sleep.”

McGuire then expressed his disappointment in Young on behalf of Australia, asking “Mate, how can you claim to be a band that represents the common man if you can’t name a single Liberal polly?”

The interview ended abruptly after Young mumbled a half-hearted “John Hewson”, before his heart was broken with the news that Hewson had not been politically active for twenty-five years.