Genius With Personalised Mug and Cityscape Background Blows Lid off COVID Conspiracy

Genius With Personalised Mug and Cityscape Background Blows Lid on COVID Conspiracy

Boise, Idaho – The World Health Organisation has admitted their key role in the deadly conspiracy to control the world, after being exposed by an unemployed man on his YouTube channel.


         Speaking to his learned subscribers, thirty-three-year-old Michael Flanagan yesterday uploaded a stinging exposé to REAL NEWS NOT FAKE NEWS, or RNNFN, his YouTube channel which promises to ‘tell you the facts that their (sic) hiding from you!’.


   In the nearly four-and-a-half minute long documentary, Flanagan seamlessly constructs a watertight case showing the WHO, in conjunction with George Soros and the Chinese government, engaged in a misinformation campaign to bring the world’s economy to its knees, thus hastening the downfall of Western civilisation. With a combination of out-of-context quotes, black-and-white filters, a Hans Zimmer soundtrack and a stream of invectives, the former assistant manager at his local gun store outlines how the “Chinese virus” is barely more dangerous than the flu, and is actually a false flag designed to control the population through 5G communication technology.


         In a video response, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom, a microbiologist and malaria researcher accepted defeat, saying, “We admit it. It’s all true. We thought we could get away with it, but we’re no match for the basement-dwelling Libertarian intelligentsia.”


         RNNFN subscriber Kaleb Ralph told The Dwarf, “I knew it from the start. It was so obvious. You should also check out his very first video. It’s about vaccinations and mind-control through fluoride.” He added that he had recently purchased his ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ t-shirt and some ‘Brain NRG Tonic’ from Flanagan’s website.


Flanagan hoped he could inspire generations to come to blow open other conspiracies, saying “A lot of people think you need to leave the house to do serious investigative journalism. They’re wrong.”


At press time, citizens around the world were seen flooding back into public spaces in celebration, burning masks, hand sanitiser and dead bodies.

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