White Girl Solves Racism After Posting MLK Quote on Instagram

Newtown – Racism has ended after 23-year-old Chantal Simmons posted a quote from renowned civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. on her Instagram.


Noticing that America was burning on the television in the background while preparing her raspberry chia seed tea, Simmons decided it was time to end the injustice once and for all. 


“The scenes on tv were just so shocking, I knew I had to do something,” the self-employed ‘hemp artist’ told The Dwarf. “So I grabbed my phone and googled ‘famous black people quotes’.”


“It was hard to decide who to choose, I mean there are so many; Mandela, Malcolm X, Jack Black. But in the end I went with this one from Martin Luther King: ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’


“I really like that one, because it can be applied to anything and anyone. It reminded me of my break-up with my ex actually. So anyway, I posted it on my Insta, which is SpringOnion94, because like, I have so many layers.”


Two hours after the post went live, America had finally reached a state of peace and harmony, with protestors, police and former racists uniting in embrace across the country. Paying tribute to Simmons, Reverend Al Sharpton told the world “As MLK said, life’s most pertinent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’. In posting a motivational quote on Insta, this brave white Australian girl has done so much for so many.” 

Simmons later stated that she intended to continue her activism by holding the Australian government to account for their many crimes, right after she made sure her fortnightly Jobseeker payment had come in. She also announced plans to stop all international conflict by tweeting “war is bad”. 

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