Super Rugby Reported to ACCC for False Advertising

Canberra – The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission today confirmed that a class action lawsuit had been filed against Super Rugby for false advertising, after it was announced that the competition would only feature Australian and possibly the only Japanese team.


         Following the news this year’s competition would be limited to the five Australian teams, all 33 rugby union fans in the nation wasted no time in stating their intention to sue.


         Speaking to The Dwarf, fan group representative D’Arcy Wickham-Jones of Sans Souci said “I may be a Tahs fan, but the only reason any of us watch rugby is for the Kiwi teams. There’s nothing ‘super’ about watching the Rebels play the Brumbies.”


         “We contend they need to rename the competition, to perhaps ‘Ordinary Rugby’, or ‘Unexceptional Rugby’.”


         The ACCC responded to the request by saying it was taking the complaint very seriously, acknowledging these are difficult times for union fans, with the news Jonesy would soon be off morning radio making things even tougher.


         “This is a challenging period for union fans. Not only are they facing the reality of their dull sport becoming even duller, but come the end of the month, they will have no-one to tell them what to be angry about in the mornings.”


         The ACCC also suggested that simply renaming the new competition ‘Rugby’ would adequately express the sheer mediocrity of the sport.

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