Disney+ Announces New Star Wars Series: The Womandalorian

Hot on the heels of the release of their acclaimed series The Mandalorian, Disney+ has announced plans to release The Womandalorian, an all-female version of the Star Wars story, in early 2020.

Bob Iger was thrilled at the prospect of an oestrogen-soaked, female-empowering, intergalactic saga. “This is just what this galaxy, and specifically, this planet needs right now.” When asked how the female version of the series will differ, Iger responded, “Pitch correction is almost the only change we need to make. Most characters either don’t take off their helmets or are of indeterminate sex.”

When asked why there would be a need for such a series Iger was adamant the saga was essential, “I’m hoping this story will spark a friendly and inclusive discourse on the inherent nature of masculinity and femininity.”

A source close to Iger who wished to remain anonymous countered his optimism, “This is going to be a self-righteous shitstorm.”

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