Prince Harry Found Overstaying Working Holiday Visa, Living in Coogee Sharehouse

Coogee – Having taken a shining to these shores during his official visit, Prince Harry has been found overstaying his working holiday visa and living in a sharehouse in Coogee with other English asylum seekers. Prince Harry intends to try to find some pub work, and maybe spend the weekends getting into fights with compatriots at parties, the cricket, and Scruffy Murphy’s.  The Prince explained, “I only intended to stay here for a week, but fuck it, I don’t want to go back to that freezing, nightmarish post-Brexit hell-hole.” “I’ve been having a great time exploring Sydney,” he continued. “Everything east of the Bridge, that is.” When asked if she intended to follow suit, Meghan Markle responded, “What the fuck do you think?” Sources confirmed that the older members of the Royal Family received the news with delight, and were sick of hearing about ‘how nice the weather is over there’ when the kids returned home.

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