Benedict Cumberbatch Arrested By EU Storm Troopers After Judge Declares Name Too British

On the eve of Britain’s exit from the European Union, the dystopian goliath’s mighty fury was on full display today as EU storm troopers arrested

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Apu Replaced On The Simpsons By Indian-American ‘Comedian' Desperately Searching For Relevance

The writing team behind The Simpsons have announced their replacement for Apu, introducing Indian-American ‘comedian’ Hari Kondabolu to the little town of Springfield. Hari is

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All Major Deities Declare Linkedin Nadir Of Human Civilisation

Andromeda – History was made today as all the world’s major deities put aside their differences and reached a rare moment of consensus, declaring Linkedin

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Praying Goes Ahead In Buildings Where Children Were Raped For Decades

Catholics across the world congregated again this weekend in churches that played host to centuries of systemic child abuse. Gathering on every continent,  the faithful

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Prince Harry Found Overstaying Working Holiday Visa, Living In Sharehouse In Coogee

Coogee – Having taken a shining to these shores during his official visit, Prince Harry has been found overstaying his working holiday visa and living

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